teenVOGUE Magazine (by Bianca Nieves) 5.2M Viewers

"Prepping your skin for school has never been easier, especially if you're always on the go. This face mask has 4 simple steps and can fit between your books."




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"This $8 face mask has saved my skin while traveling. In just a little over 20 minutes, I look fully rejuvenated and revitalized after a long day of travel—even if I still feel kinda dead inside."




Andreea Cristina @andreeacristina (Beauty Blogger) 1M Followers

"Got the face masks for bachelorette weekend! Tried them in Germany and became obsessed. It is my favorite mask. 4 in 1 is all you need for reviving your face"




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"I love them so much! IPO 4 Mask is my actual gods."




♥ Melissa Vale @melissadvale (Beauty Blogger) 172K Followers 
“I use this sheet mask when I need a quick refresher before applying makeup. It gently exfoliates for a smoother surface and impacts a lit-from-within glow. Plus, the price couldn’t be better.”




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"Perfect recovery after shoot. GLAM and RECOVERY, both are great for my skin. The quality and price is a game winner."




Abigail Marie @thechicmamas (Dermatology Nurse) 142K Followers

"Cleanser was extra foamy and had enough for two washes. Mask feels super hydrating which I’m loving. Best for dry skin in need of rich hydration."




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“I LOVED IT!! These masks are so bomb.”




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"Starting this productive morning with IPO Cosmetics Recover 4 Step Facial! It has a cleanser, sheet mask, face cream and eye cream all in one pack. Y’all know I’m lazy so I love the concept and it actually leaves my skin feeling great."




MUA Supporters @mua.support (Makeup Blogger) 48.3K Followers

"Guys, this mask is crazy! It’s hydrating and refreshing at the same time. I just loved it. Also a big advantage is that if you’re traveling, just take the mask with you. It has a cleaning foam, the hydrating mask, moisturizing face cream and eye cream. All you need for your daily skin care routine in one. It’s definitely worth trying it out."




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"I love it. Using again because I LOVE IT."




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"I love it! My skin feels so smoother after."




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"My favorite face mask on the planet! If you want great skin, you need to take great care of it! I’m constantly looking for the best products to keep my skin looking youthful, soft and glowy. Since I started using IPO 4 MASK, I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin overall and it’s now part of my weekly routine."




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"Love the GLAM Facial pack! The exfoliating cleanser is so gentle. Sheet mask is very hydrating. Moisturizer is a great consistency for makeup too. Love the eye cream and there’s definitely enough in there for two or three uses too."




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"I have commitment issues with skin care (I like to try new things), so I had to crack down on myself and commit to using these sheet masks from IPO Cosmetics 4 Mask at least once a week. Once I did that, I saw the difference. My skin looks and feels softer, and crows feet around my eyes from laughing at my own jokes have diminished. These are definitely more than just a weekly thing, now."




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"My face feels great!"




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"The face mask is so soft. Love the products! thanks again."




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“Honestly I can’t stop bragging about IPO Cosmetics 4 Mask. I got compliments even days after!”




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"4-step facial! Makes skincare super easy with their 4-in-1 Kit. The sheet mask is probably one of the best I’ve tried. It always leaves my skin super hydrated and glowing."




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"Contains 2 sheet mask with 4 easy steps to leave your face as smooth and fresh as a babies ass. 10/10 recommend."




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"I’m literally blown away! I was so embarrassed going to meet my client because I had bumps. But RECOVER saved me! My skin had so many blemishes and itchiness from travel in the South. I used the RECOVER and woke up with a clear face."




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"It simply the best. I’m impressed."




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"Literally, the best at home facial I’ve ever tried in my entire life! No kidding, I absolutely loved it. I even put it in the description of the video. I’ve already recommended it to a few friends that love skin care and I’m sure they will enjoy it."




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"My skin is so much better I’m not kidding. I did exactly what the instruction said. And already improved so much! I’m gonna buy more next week."




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“I tried the masks- unlike anything I have tried before. Seriously. I was aving every drop. It’s great!”




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"I Loved it. These sheet mask was more wet than I was expecting, but I honestly felt it made my skin glow. And the scent of the cleanser was so high-end. Well done!"




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"Easiest and lightest packing ever with IPO 4 Mask for weekend getaway."