Based in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, IPO (It’s Perfect On) Cosmetics is the developer of innovative “Facial on the Go” packets that combine four distinct skincare steps in one easy-to-use, portable pouch.

Our patented 4 Step concept and packaging design is the vision of CEO and creative director Michelle Kim, a fashion designer and founder of successful contemporary brands that sold in top retail stores in the U.S. and internationally.  Beyond fashion, Kim always had an innate curiosity and drive to learn everything she could about the exciting world of beauty in skincare.  She created IPO Cosmetics to share game-changing products that streamline complicated skincare routines into simple, travel-friendly packaging.  It is unlike anything on the market today.

IPO’s four-in-one facial kits are designed for today’s smart, busy, on-the-go women and men.  By eliminating the hassle of packing several bulky skincare products for travel, you can pack lighter, save precious space in your bag, and ditch the stress of deciding which products to bring on a trip.  Not to mention, our pouches are TSA-compliant, recyclable, and won’t leak.  All this without sacrificing the quality of your skincare or skipping any essential steps in your beauty routine.

IPO maximizes quality and value for budget-conscious consumers who desire simplicity, portability, and ease of use without compromising on effectiveness.  Our spa-like facials provide a unique experience and sensational results for all skin types.