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4Recover Sheet Mask - 2 Pouches

Recover On the Go Facial is to soothes and rejuvenates dull, tired skin

Why We Love Recover

This replenishing on-the-go Recovery facial instantly transforms even the most dull, tired complexion. Pamper yourself with luxurious, highly-effective ingredients that revitalize and hydrate skin in minutes. Expect a radiant, healthy glow that looks lit from within.

Soothe and Nurture your tired skin

Why we need to use Recover:
Step 1. Gently Cleanse away dead skin, oil and residue
Step 2. Infuse skin with intensive hydrating sheet mask
Step 3. Lock in moisture and nourish skin
Step 4. Helps improve the youthful appearance of your eyes
How to use:
Step 1.  Recover cleansing foam: Gently massage the entire face, and rinse with luke warm water
Step 2. Advanced microfiber sheet mask: Apply sheet mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes
Step 3. Moisturizing cream: Massage on to face and neck
Step 4. Revitalizing eye cream: Gently pet around the eyes and lips
Recommended use:
Use daily or anytime skin needs a boost of hydration